School memories book

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We've got the most perfect memory book that'll span 8 years! Starting at nursery, where there's sections to fill in by yourself...   'I want to be a'    '3 things I love'    'I want to be a'  and more! These repeat for all years up to year 6. There's also an end of page to fill in too, so you can see the difference in the answers thought the school year. Also includes a page each year for a photograph to be attached, perfect to look back on after the primary years to see how they grow. There's even a page for them to draw a pictures, this will be so lovely to see how their art improves.

New Scottish/Irish version available. 

Name will be added to the front in any colour, any colour of the rainbow would look so nice as the design is so colourful. We can even add a school name too, just let us know the personalise section. If no colour chosen, will be pink for a girl, blue for a boy.

This is the perfect way of preserving precious memories.